Embassy Bandung

Embassy Bandung

Embassy Bandung. Situated in North Bandung on Jl. Cihampelas 160, Cihampelas Walk Block SL 03A Bandung 40131, West Java. Indonesia.
Embassy Bandung start up and operational since December 3, 2004, and during the past two years we have carried out several activities such as Christmas Celebration, New Year Eve (Bohemian Revolutionary 3 dimentional, Wonderland & Diamonds are Forever). Grand Opening would be held on April 22, 2005.
Diverse types of beverages with a variety of options trying to offer, such as cocktail consisting of a Zombie, Knock Out, GoldenTriangle, Cocaine, Titanic, Peterpan, Bermuda, Colloseum, Alcatraz, Dr. Pepper etc.
Embassy Bandung, with a size of 600m2 and 'sitting capasity' 225 person, 'full standing' 600 person, have 3 Plasma TV & 2 Big Screen, cool lighting and visualization.
Here is the program and promo Embassy Sunday Embassy University starting at 20:00 to 1:00 pm, and Wednesdays Urban Sound featuring R & B Guest DJ on Thursday Ladies Nite Out on Friday (Republic, featuring Guest DJ from the inside and outside Black) Saturday (The Sound of Embassy, featuring Resident Dj's) ranging from 22.00 hours - to complete. />
Embassy target market is young people and young executives Bandung, ranging between (20-35 yrs) with a variety of professions ranging from students, self-employed, professionals and others.

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Cihampelas Walk SL03A
Bandung, Indonesia

Phone :

+62 22 426 1360
+62 22 206 1179

Reservation Info

Info and reservation please don't hesitate to contact our officer in line 022 - 4261360 (office hours only) or 08156121324.